School Improvement

Our driving focus is improving learning outcomes for pupils within our partner schools.

Schools are arranged in to Hubs of varying sizes and comprising of varying numbers of pupils, context and stage of improvement.  Working together, Headteachers plan events designed to meet the identified needs of the Hub.  These learning events will include methodology such as school-to-school support, CPD sessions, peer review and best practice fora etc.

A School Improvement Partner employed by the schools, with their work quality assured by the Alliance Board, supports individual Hubs, facilitating the learning events, assessing impact and driving expectation.  These SIAs are appointed and trained by the Alliance Board.

Hub Action Plans are created based on the self-assessment of Hub schools to ensure the learning needs of pupils are met.  The role of the Alliance Board includes sharing these plans and ideas with all Hubs to facilitate cross-school development.

The Alliance Board, with areas of high impact being identified and shared, monitors achievement across the Alliance.  Hub groupings can then be adjusted to ensure productive working.

Reporting to the Local School Standards Board, progress and achievement is monitored centrally by the LA and other LSSB members.